WP Rocket Review 2024: Pricing, Performance, Pros, & Cons

Wp Rocket

Are you considering optimizing your site loading time with the WP Rocket WordPress cache plugin? WP Rocket is one of the most powerful caching WordPress plugins. Check our WP Rocket Review based on Features, Pricing, performance, pros & cons.

In this article, we’ll take a deep look into the inner workings of the WP Rocket WordPress cache plugin. We examine all the features it offers, real-world website load time performance, and speed optimization options, look into the pricing, and finish up by giving you our opinion on whether or not it’s worth the investment.

WP Rocket Review 2024

WP Rocket is one of the most recommended WordPress cache plugins. They are known for their features and top-notch customer support.

WP Rocket improves your site’s website loading time & user experience by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, database cleanup, reducing the download times, providing CDN integration, etc.

Read our complete WP Rocket Review to determine if WP Rocket is your proper cache plugin. In this comprehensive WP Rocket Cache plugin review, we will put their promises to the test. These are the areas we will look into:

  • Loading time: How fast will your website load with the WP Rocket plugin? We will test our website with different to check website speed.
  • Performance: Speed is crucial for the success of your WordPress website. How fast will your website load time with WP Rocket?
  • Customer Support: Do they offer technical support for WP Rocket premium customers?
  • Features: Do they offer all the features and tools you will need to optimize your website loading time?
  • Third-party Add-ons: Do WP Rocket third-party integrations improve website loading time?

Bottom line: Don’t want to read all the details? Let us give it to you straight. Our WP Rocket plugin review found them to be reliable, beginner-friendly, and affordable, with friendly customer support.

That’s why we’ve chosen to recommend WP Rocket as one of the best WordPress cache plugins for multipurpose usage. Now let’s dive into our detailed WP Rocket review so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth it.

Use WP Rocket to Improve Performance

About WP Rocket WordPress Cache Plugin

First, let’s take a look at the company itself.

WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin launched in 2013; it quickly became the World’s best cache plugin to improve your WordPress website’s PageSpeed score and optimize Core Web Vitals.

It’s suitable for all types of users, from beginners to experts, entrepreneurs to business owners, and everyone in between. Today WP Rocket powers over 3,700,000+ websites to boost the loading time.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the most powerful caching plugin in the world. You can use it to improve the speed of your WordPress site, database optimization, CDN, SEO rankings, and conversions. To use WP Rocket, you don’t need to be a Tech Geek (No coding required).

After installing WP Rocket, It immediately applies to the WordPress website and optimizes your website performance by up to 80%. WP Rocket is also flexible with all popular WordPress themes and page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, etc.

They offer Page caching, File optimizations, Browser caching, GZIP compression, Cross-origin support for web fonts, and a combination of inline and 3rd party scripts to optimize your website loading time.

Let’s check WP Rocket’s plugin features, pricing, performance, pros, and cons in detail so that you can decide for yourself why you need WP Rocket.

WP Rocket Performance [Speed Test]

No one likes slow-loading websites. Website Speed optimizations are significant for your website, and it’s so important that Google’s recent update has made it an essential ranking factor.

Page speed is not only crucial for a better SEO, but it’s also affecting your user experience. Studies show that a 1-second drop in website speed can decrease your conversion rate by 7%. And a 3-second delay website can cost you 50% of your traffic.

I use the WP Rocket cache plugin with GeneratePress theme and ShortPixel Image Optimizer on this website, and my site is hosted on Kinsta Hosting. Here’s my website loading time on Tools Pingdom:

Website Speed

As you can see, my website loads in less than 0.5 seconds with WP Rocket, which is faster than 96% of websites worldwide. I also tested my website on GtMetrix to test performance. Here’s my result:

WordPress website performance

Before you install WP Rocket, we highly recommend checking your website speed & performance by using Google PageSpeed Insights, GtMetrix, and Tools Pingdom. This will give you a before and after speed comparison.

In a nutshell, I found after installing WP Rocket on my website, Here’s my website overall result:

  • PageSpeed score: increased by 34%
  • GT Metrix YSlow Score: 100% (increased score by 7%)
  • Fully loaded time: 0.5 seconds (down from 1.8 seconds)
  • Total page size: 289 KB (down from 610 KB)
  • Requests: 6 (down from 23)

Here’s my website Core Web Vitals performance:

Core Web Vitals result

Note: There are many reasons for slow-loading websites. Only WP Rocket can’t help you get a perfect score; you must use a fast-loading theme, bloat-free page builder, Optimized images, fast hosting server, etc.

I recommend using GeneratePress or Astra theme, managed WordPress hosting, ShortPixel Image Optimizer, and WP Rocket cache plugin to get the best performance.

WP Rocket Pricing in 2024

Currently, WP Rocket offers only three types of plans Single, Plus, and Infinite. With the Single plan, you can use WP Rocket on one website; with the Plus plan, you can use WP Rocket on three websites; and with the Infinite plan, you can use WP Rocket on unlimited websites.

wp rocket new pricing

I recommend you go with the WP Rocket Plus plan to save more money on WP Rocket. The Infinite plan is best if you want to use WP Rocket on unlimited websites. Otherwise, the Plus plan offers the best value-for-money service.

Here are the WP Rocket pricing options:

  • WP Rocket Single plan subscription costs $59 per year.
  • WP Rocket Plus plan subscription costs $119 per year.
  • WP Rocket Infinite plan subscription costs $299 per year.

All WP Rocket plans come with all WP Rocket features, one-year customer support, the latest update for one year, and one of the best caching plugins available for WordPress.

WP Rocket Renewal pricing: All WP Rocket licenses can be renewed annually with a 30% discount off the first year’s price.

WP Rocket does not offer lifetime plans, free trials, gift subscriptions, or one-time plans. They accept payment in different credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards.

WP Rocket refund

Refund Policy: All WP Rocket plans have a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you purchase the WP Rocket cache plugin and are unsatisfied with your website loading time performance, you can get your money back within 14 days.

WP Rocket Cache Plugin Features

WP Rocket offers a lot to make your website blazing fast. Here are a few essential features you need to know before buying WP Rocket.

WP Rocket Features

Here are a few WP Rocket features to optimize your website loading time:

1:) Static cache for desktop and mobile: WP Rocket cache options create a dedicated cache file for desktop & mobile devices (tablet & mobile). This allows a WordPress website to skip running the heavier PHP scripts and improve your website speed.

2:) Lazy loading for your images: High-quality unoptimized Images are one of the biggest drains on page load time. WP Rocket LazyLoad features delay loading images, iframes, and videos on your website until you scroll down the page and they become visible.

3:) XML sitemaps preloading: Preload cache features allow browsers to start quickly fetching the resources they will need. WP Rocket automatically Preloads your XML sitemaps generated by Yoast SEO, All-in-one-SEO, and Rank Math SEO to improve performance.

4:) Google Fonts optimization: If you use Google Fonts on your website, WP Rocket helps you reduce the number of overall Fonts HTTP requests and adds the pre-connect resource to improve Google Fonts load time.

5:) CSS and JS minification: Minify your WordPress website’s CSS, HTML, and Javascript files to save some valuable time off your site’s page load speed. WP Rocket allows users to minify, combine, and optimize CSS JavaScript files with just a few clicks.

6:) Database optimization: The WordPress database is where all of the most crucial website data is stored. A bloated database can affect TTFB (Time to the first byte) and slow down your site. WP Rocket helps you to optimize your website database with a single click.

7:) CDN integration: If you use CDN (Content Delivery Network) to host website files on your website. With Wp Rocket, you enable CDN on your complete website with a single click.

8:) DNS Prefetching: If you add third-party content on your website like Google AdSense, Google Analytics, YouTube videos, etc. WP Rocket DNS Prefetching options help browsers anticipate third-party content requests’ loading time.

9:) Mobile Detection: If you use a different theme for mobile devices, Wp Rocket detects mobile themes & creates additional cache files. 

10:) Multisite Compatibility: If you have multiple users logging into your website, then the WP Rocket “User cache” option allows you to create a dedicated set of cache files for each logged-in WordPress user.

11:) Heartbeat control: WordPress Heartbeat functionality uses the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php file to make AJAX calls. WP Rocket heartbeat features help you control the WordPress admin-ajax.php files request and reduce high CPU usage.

12:) Sucuri integration: Sucuri is one of the best WordPress Firewall systems to secure your website. WP Rocket Sucuri add-on helps you clear its cache and purges the Sucuri Firewall cache to optimize website performance.

13:) Google Analytics Tracking: Google Analytics code slows your website & shows a “Leverage browser caching” warning on your website performance. Wp rocket Google Tracking Add-On helps you to optimize Analytics files.

14:) Cloudflare Integration: If you are using Cloudflare on your website. Then WP Rocket Cloudflare add-on, optimize Cloudflare performance, Activate Cloudflare files minification, and clear Cloudflare cache automatically. And many more.

Over time your WordPress website database builds up with some useless data like revisions of old posts, trashed posts, expired transients, spam comments, expired database tables, and a ton of other things you don’t need.

Wp Rocket Database optimization

WP Rocket optimizes your website database with a single click; you don’t need any other WordPress plugins. Optimizing your database in WP Rocket is as simple as checking the boxes and clicking on the “Optimize” button.

Wp Rocket Database cleaned

And most importantly, they offer affordable starter plans that fit any budget requirement. Here’s a comparison between WP Rocket with other famous WordPress cache plugins:

WP Rocket Comparison

WP Rocket features Conclusion: WP Rocket is an all-around great caching WordPress plugin (With WooCommerce compatibility) that offers a wealth of catching features and is by far the easiest-to-use caching plugin currently on the market.

Try WP Rocket for 14 days to check its performance.

Pros & Cons of using WP Rocket

All WordPress plugins have their pros and cons. Some you can live with, and some you cannot ignore. Here are the pros and cons of WP Rocket that we learned from our experience.

Pro Features of using WP Rocket:

First, let’s look at the advantages that make Wp Rocket the top choice for our website.

  • Friendly and easy-to-use beginner-friendly interface.
  • Excellent customer support and extensive beginner-friendly documentation.
  • 14 Days Full refunds if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Automatic speed optimization
  • Google Fonts optimization helps you minimize HTTP requests
  • Including gzip compression
  • Static cache for desktop and mobile,
  • Deferred loading of JS files,
  • WordPress Database optimization,
  • CDN Integration
  • Cloudflare Support
  • XML sitemaps preloading
  • Lazy image loading

Cons of using WP Rocket:

  • I can’t find any major cons with the WP Rocket.
  • It’s a premium-only cache plugin. WP Rocket doesn’t offer users a free version, but you get 14 14-day refund policy to test WP Rocket’s performance.

Aside from these, WP Rocket ticks all the boxes for me, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an easy solution to a slow-loading WordPress website.

WP Rocket Customer Support & Documentation

We all need help now and then. When you run into trouble with your broken site, you will always have a technician to help get your site ready. It would help if you chose premium plugins that offer help when you need it.

WP Rocket Support

The WP Rocket support team performs well in WordPress technical support. I’ve had an excellent experience with the WP Rocket developer team, and they were extremely friendly and offered direct answers & solutions to each question I asked.

WP Rocket Documentation

They also offer a knowledge base with 500+ articles, videos & step by step tutorials to optimize your website loading time. Their support forum is very active & responsive.

You can also get WP Rocket pre-sales queries about theme pricing, features, bundles, etc. Contact the WP Rocket Pre-Sales Quires team.

FAQs about WP Rocket

Here are some most asked questions about WP Rocket.

What is WP Rocket used for?

WP Rocket is an all-in-one Cache plugin that does your WordPress speed optimizations, Google Fonts optimization, CSS and JS minification, database optimization, etc.

Is WP Rocket free?

No. WP Rocket is a premium WordPress cache plugin. But When you first sign up for Wp Rocket, you get 14 14-day refund policy. So you can try WP Rocket for 14 days free.

How much does WP Rocket cost?

WP Rocket has three standard yearly subscription plans starting at the following prices: Single – $49/year, Plus – $99/year, and Infinite – $249/year.

Is WP Rocket any good?

Yes. Wp Rocket is an excellent & powerful cache plugin tool that gives you all the essential features to optimize your WordPress website speed, database optimizations CDN, & Sitemap Preloading, etc.

Is WP Rocket a reliable WordPress cache plugin?

I’ve been using WP Rocket to optimize my website for two years. I never face any issues with slow-loading websites.

Can I use Autoptimize with WP Rocket?

Yes, you can use WP Rocket and Autoptimize WordPress plugins simultaneously. WP Rocket plugin also comes with built-in Autoptimize compatibility to ensure smooth sailing.

How to enable gzip compression in a WP Rocket?

Yes. When you install WP Rocket on your WordPress website, It’s an automatic process of GZIP compression. Remember, GZIP compression works if it’s enabled on a hosting server.

Can I use WP Rocket on WordPress.com?

Using the Business plan on WordPress.com, you can use WP Rocket on your WordPress websites to optimize speed.

Can I use WP Rocket on client sites?

You must buy an Infinite License to use WP Rocket on an unlimited website.

Does WP Rocket offer a free trial?

No, WP Rocket doesn’t offer free trials. But they offer 14 days refund policy. Try WP Rocket now.

What are the minimum requirements for WP Rocket?

To use WP Rocket on your WordPress website, You need a minimum of PHP 7 & WordPress 5.3.

WP Rocket vs. W3 Total Cache: Which one is better?

WP Rocket is far better in terms of website performance when compared to W3 total cache. But if you’re a beginner with a very tight budget, then the W3 total cache is a great option.

These are the most asked questions. If you have any other questions related to WP Rocket, let me know in the comment sections.

Conclusion on WP Rocket Review 2024

After reading this WP Rocket review, you might wonder if the WP Rocket is the right choice for your WordPress website.

Don’t forget to claim the WP Rocket discount to start your website.

Overall, WP Rocket is our TOP #1 WordPress cache plugin, according to our research, and you shouldn’t go wrong with it. If your primary concern is about website security & loading time (like me), you should try the WP Rocket cache plugin once.

Ready to get started to speed up your website? Download WP Rocket.

They also offer Credit card and PayPal payment options with a 30-day money-back guarantee; if you are unsatisfied with WP Rocket’s performance, features, or customer service, you get all your money back.

WP Rocket Coupon Code 2024

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All you have to do is click on this link to purchase. The WP Rocket discount will be applied automatically. Now, Let’s check how you can get the Wp Rocket coupon.

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WP Rocket Discount Coupon

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Wp Rocket coupon

Then copy the coupon code.

Step 5: Now, open the WP Rocket Pricing page, and select your plan. Then click on the “Buy WP Rocket” button to open the checkout page. Here fill in your email name, select payment methods, and enter your coupon code to save 10% instantly.

Wp Rocket Checkout

I hope you will find this WP Rocket Coupon code 2024 worthy.

Note: Don’t forget to try WP Rocket once; they offer a 14-day complete refund. WP Rocket offers up to a 30% Discount on their premium cache plugins during some special events.

WP Rocket Black Friday Pricing

Do you have any further questions about the WP Rocket WordPress cache plugin? Let us know in the comments section below, or contact me. I’d be glad to reply! You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thank you. Have a lovely day.

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