iThemes Security Coupon Code: 35% Discount (Sep 2023)

iThemes Security is the most popular WordPress security plugin that helps protect your site from potential security threats. iThemes Security offers excellent features such as two-factor authentication, Brute force protection, login lockdown, malware scanning, security logging, password protection, user banning, and file change detection to help keep your site secure.

If you want to secure your WordPress website by using the iThemes Security Pro plugin, this is probably the best time. Right now, Our users can enjoy an exclusive iThemes Security coupon code that gets you a 35% Discount on plans yearly & lifetime subscriptions. All you have to do is click the link below to claim our exclusive iThemes Security discount coupon.

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About iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security is a freemium WordPress plugin that helps to secure a WordPress website by providing a variety of security features. Some of the features offered by iThemes Security include:

  • Two-factor authentication: It allows users to set up an additional layer of security by requiring them to enter a one-time passcode in addition to their username and password when logging in.
  • File change detection: It monitors the files on your WordPress site and sends an alert if any changes are detected. This can help to detect and prevent malicious code injections.
  • Brute force protection: It helps to prevent attackers from guessing your login credentials by blocking login attempts after a certain number of failed attempts.
  • Security scanning: iThemes Security includes a security scanner that checks your site for known security vulnerabilities and suggests fixes.
  • Malware scanning: This feature scans your site for malware and sends an alert if any is found. However, iThemes Security doesn’t remove malware, you’ve to remove it manually.
  • Strong password enforcement: It suggests that users use strong passwords when creating new accounts or changing passwords. I use 1Password to create Strong passwords.
  • Login lockdown: It temporarily blocks bad login attempts from a particular IP address after a certain number of failed login attempts.

I’m also using the iThemes Security pro plugin for my websites to protect them from potential threats. Overall, iThemes Security is a useful tool for ensuring the security and integrity of your WordPress website. Now, let’s see how you can get a discount on iThemes Security premium plans.

How to Claim iThemes Security Coupon Code?

Getting a discount on iThemes Security Pro is very easy all you have to do is follow this guide completely to claim a 35% discount instantly. Our iThemes coupon code works automatically on all products including BackupBuddy, iThemes Sync, etc.

Step 1: First, open iThemes Security with our link to activate our exclusive coupon code automatically.

Step 2: Here you can see our exclusive iThemes Security coupon applied automatically and you’ll get a 35% Discount instantly on all plans. Click on the “Buy iThemes Security Pro” button to continue.

Note: If you do not see any exclusive deals, Don’t worry follow this guide you’ll get a 35% discount on the checkout page using our coupon code.

iThemes Security Coupon

Step 3: Now, select your iThemes Security plans based on your requirement and click on the “Buy Now” button to continue. I recommend you use the Plus plan, it can help you secure 5 websites.

iThemes Security pricing discount

Step 4: On this page, you’ll see our iThemes Security Pro coupon code applied automatically and you’ll get a 35% discount instantly. If your coupon code is not applied automatically use the “ITSEC35” or “ITPAL35” coupon code to claim a 35% discount. Then click on the “Checkout” button to continue.

iThemes Security Checkout

Last Step: After that, you’ve to create your iThemes security and fill in your billing address. Next, select your payment methods and click on the “Submit Payment” button to complete the purchase.

iThemes Payment method

That’s all. I. hope you received the iThemes Security discount using our exclusive coupon code. If our coupon code isn’t working please let me know in the comment section.

FAQs about iThemes security

Below are some most important questions related to iThemes Security.

Does iThemes security have a firewall?

Yes, the iThemes Security Pro plugin includes a firewall feature. This firewall can help protect your WordPress site from various types of attacks, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), blocking of malicious requests, and brute force attacks. Explore iThemes firewall features.

Is iThemes security good?

iThemes Security is a popular WordPress security plugin that is widely used by millions of WordPress site owners. It offers a range of features to help protect your site from various types of attacks and monitors security-related events on your site 24/7. Download iThemes Security.

Does iThemes remove malware?

No, iThemes Security can help detect malware on your site, but it’s not designed to remove malware from your website. If you suspect that your site has been infected with malware, you can contact hosting support to remove malware or you can use the Sucuri hack repair and website malware removal tool.

Does iThemes Security Pro offer a refund?

Yes, iThemes offer a refund policy first 30 days of the original purchase of a yearly or lifetime subscription on all products. All you have to do is contact the iThemes security team to get a full refund instantly within 30 days of purchase.

That’s all for now. If you have any more questions related to iThemes Security plugin let me know. I hope you found our iThemes Security pro coupon code to be helpful. 

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